JSE to analyse EFF demands for economic transformation


EFF leader Julius malema addresses members of the party at the EFF's march for economic freedom and transformation on October 27, 2015.

JOHANNESBURG -- The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) says it will analyse the Economic Freedom Fighter&39;s memorandum and consider its demands for economic equality. 

Thousands of EFF supporters took to the streets of Johannesburg on Tuesday in protest of slow transformation within the financial sector. 

They handed over a list of demands to the Chamber of Mines as well as the South African Reserve Bank. 

Party leader Julius Malema called for transformation and demanded that more black people be given a chance to lead big business.

A mere three percent of the country&39;s economy is owned by black people

The EFF march culminated at the JSE offices in Sandton.

JSE Chief Excecutive, Nick Newton-King says the JSE would study the party&39;s demands. 

“People raise with us a whole number of issues not all of which we can directly resolve ourselves and I think that’s true in the memorandum. But I think it’s important that we do analyse the memorandum and understand exactly what it’s trying to say."

"The heart of what is being expressed is the frustration with the speed of transformation and the dealing with the inequalities in socio-economic environment in this country.
And I think we as business and stakeholders in this country must listen to that," said Newton-King.