Judge summarises graphic testimony in model boss case

web_photo_Dawie de Villiers

Model agency boss Dawie de Villiers appearing before the Palm Ridge Magistrate's Court on Monday 5 October 2015.

JOHANNESBURG – Johannesburg High Court Judge Cassim Moosa on Wednesday continued his judgment in the case against Kempton Park model agency boss Dawie de Villiers, who faces a range of charges including rape and the possession of child pornography.

De Villiers is facing various charges, including unlawfully exposing his two children to pornography, rape, sexual assault, sexual grooming and fraud.

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Judge Moosa recounted the testimony of a young woman, who was 15 years old in 2011 when she was allegedly raped by De Villiers.

The woman, who is now 21, told the court that she was dressed in a bra, bikini bottoms and skirt when De Villiers put his hand on her leg and started kissing her before he allegedly raped her.

She said after the alleged rape she hid in the toilet crying, until her father came to fetch her.

The woman said at the next meeting with De Villiers, at a modelling camp, he told her to stop spreading stories about his agency before he gave her a morning-after pill. She alleged he said he would come after her and her family if she said anything about what had happened.

She told the court that she was then contacted by someone who said he would help her with getting De Villiers charged for what he did to her. She said she was later invited on Blackberry Messenger (BBM) by an unknown person whose name later changed to “Dawie CEO”.

The woman testified that he said that he didn’t rape her but “made love to her”, and asked her to send pictures of her genitals to him.

She told the court that she felt obliged to have sex with De Villiers prior to the rape because she wanted to be a model but her mother couldn’t afford the fees, and De Villiers offered to “sponsor ” her.

The 21-year-old said that she felt like a prostitute and couldn’t tell anyone about the matter. She had felt “disgusted” with herself.

Moosa also recounted testimony of another model of De Villiers, who said that he had touched her and sent her inappropriate messages.

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The judge also summarised the testimony of a woman who was allegedly defrauded by De Villiers.

She had told the court that she applied for a R50,000 loan for shares in De Villiers’s modelling agency and that he flirted with her on BBM and during telephone calls despite knowing that she was in a relationship. He told her to deposit around R40,000 for the purchase of a camera and met with her so that she could give him the rest of the money.

She said that De Villiers said she would receive R2,500 a month from him but only received R2,000. She said that he was very convincing and said she didn’t have to have her lawyer look at the contract as he had done so already.

When questioned about the money owed to her, she said De Villiers always had excuses. She was later blocked on BBM and her calls to De Villiers were also blocked. She was also blacklisted by her bank.

Judgment is expected to continue on Wednesday afternoon.