Kana 'seen with Booysen before murder'


Johannes Kana is on trial in the Swellendam Circuit Court for Booysen's rape and murder.

CAPE TOWN - Two witnesses have told the Swellendam Circuit Court that they saw murder accused Johannes Kana leave a bar with Anene Booysen, on the night she was killed.

Kana is accused of raping, mutilating and murdering the teen in February. He&39;s pleaded not guilty to the crimes.

Riaan Scheepers is Kana&39;s long-time friend. The State&39;s third witness, Scheepers tirelessly stood his ground on day two of the murder trial.

On Tuesday he faced tough questions during cross-examination by Kana&39;s lawyer, Pieter du Toit, but he insisted he did not lie in his statements to police shortly after Booysen&39;s death.

Du Toit insinuated that Scheepers tried to protect Kana in his first statement, but changed his version of events in a second statement to police after Kana allegedly confessed to him.

Scheepers denied this, saying he, Kana, Booysen and others, were at a local pub together on the night of the crime, and that he later saw Kana and Booysen leave the pub, and head in the direction of the Asla construction site.

The State&39;s fourth witness, Chrisna Mentoor backed up this version of events.

She, too has testified that she saw the pair leave together, hours before Booysen was found beaten, disembowelled and left to die.

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