Khoza: Vote with your conscience despite potential retribution


File: Dr. Makhosi Khosa, chairperson of the ad hoc committee established to nominate a person to the position of Public Protector.

JOHANNESBURG – ANC MP Makhosi Khoza has warned retribution will likely be swift for party members who vote against President Jacob Zuma in Tuesday’s vote of no confidence, but says it’s a critical step in rescuing South Africa.

Khosa has received death threats over recent months, for being outspoken about the need for Zuma to step down.

In a post on Facebook on Monday morning, Khosa admitted that for seven votes of no confidence, she was “complicit in propping up a leader who has consistently put his own interests above those of the people whom he supposedly serves.

“I rationalised my votes, believing a united ANC would eventually stand against the leader who has failed us. But that has not happened”, she said.

She’s warned that loyal ANC members who vote against Zuma on Tuesday could be targeted.

“Good ANC MPs who choose to do the right thing are likely to find themselves immediately recalled and cast out of the party. These are people with homes and children, with families to feed and school fees to pay. Their single act of defiance will have costly ramifications beyond just themselves and it is important South Africans recognise the magnitude of what we are asking these ANC MPs to do.”

Khosa said supporting the vote of no confidence was not a vote against the ruling party, but a vote against corruption.

“Corruption widens the racial and economic divides in this country. The actions of a few have stolen our freedom by oppressing us with corruption and greed. Our people will not progress if ethics, hard work, talent and diligence are doomed to play second fiddle to cronyism”.

She urged MPs to vote with their conscience on Tuesday.