Knight alive and in protective custody

CAPE TOWN - The woman who put one of Cape Town&39;s most feared gangsters behind bars, has seemingly returned from the dead.

Chantelle Knight was gunned down in an apparent hit shortly before Rashied Staggie&39;s release from prison.

Cops initially said she didn&39;t survive the shooting, but it now turns out she not only survived the attack, but is back in witness protection.

Chantelle Knight&39;s family have spent the past decade fearing something terrible would happen to her.

She was the key state witness in bringing down Hard Livings gang boss, Rashied Staggie.

He’d been charged with ordering her gang rape and her testimony was pivotal in his conviction.

Knight was kept in witness protection for only six months after the trial.

At the end of July this year, just months before Staggie’s expected release on parole, the family&39;s worst fears were realised.

Gunmen shot Knight and her boyfriend Romano Oliver in an open field late one night.

Oliver died at the scene, Knight was badly wounded, but managed to flee.

Hazel Jacobus, mother said,"She was definitely targeted. They were not caught in crossfire. We don&39;t believe it was Staggie. But maybe someone wanting to keep him in prison."

After a few weeks in hospital, doctors told the family there was no hope.

They switched off Knight’s life support.

However last Friday, while collecting money for her daughter’s funeral, Chantelle&39;s mother found out she is actually very much alive.

It is believed police had lied about her death because gangsters had been searching hospitals for her.

Staggie’s lawyer says it&39;s all a police set up.

Janos Mahalik, Staggies lawyer said,"They wanted people to believe that the violence in Manenberg is as a result of Rashied going to be released. Rashied Staggie had no intention to harm that girl. Years ago he told me that he has forgiven her."

The whole family has now been moved to witness protection.

Residents say they don’t believe Staggie is behind it. They think that a faction within the new generation of Hard Livings gangsters did it to scupper his upcoming parole.

Others, like his lawyer feel the cops themselves are behind this attempt to keep the ex-gang boss behind bars.