Krejcir wants to expose dirty cops, claims O'Sullivan


Johannesburg, 16 November 2015 - Police are convinced Czech convict Radovan Krejcir will attempt to escape from prison - and they are ready to stop him.

JOHANNESBURG - Private forensic investigator Paul O’Sullivan, who has teamed up with AfriForum, on Wednesday sensationally claimed that jailed Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir was ready to to turn state witness and expose the top cops involved in his criminal enterprises.

Krejcir, who faces multiple charges, was sentenced to 35 years in jail by the High Court in Johannesburg in February this year for attempted murder, kidnapping and drug dealing.

O’Sullivan produced a letter written by lawyer Eric Bryer acting on behalf of Krejcir – a fugitive from justice in his own country, where he was sentenced to eight years in absentia.

In the letter, Bryer says his client wants to plead guilty to outstanding cases and turn state witness.

“My instructions are that my client wants to plead guilty if he is given a concurrent 10-year jail sentence in respect of each offence,” reads the letter in part, which is addressed to Adv Andrew Chauke, the director of public prosecutions south Gauteng.

In the letter dated 4 October 2016, the lawyer says Krejcir seeks voluntary extradition in return for outing dirty cops.

O’Sullivan made the claims at the launch of AfriForum’s Anti-corruption Unit in Centurion.

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“The very institutions who have been entrusted to uphold our codes of law and protect us from crime, have instead been infiltrated by criminals with badges who have decided to rather form partnerships with the underworld,” said Monique Taute, Head of AfriForum’s Anti-corruption Unit.

“Now corrupt politicians can satisfy their own greed with total impunity, being held above the law.

"Instead of protecting South Africans, they have become the enemy of South Africans and have abandoned their oaths of office and pledges to abide by the Constitution.”

Bryer could and Chauke could not be immediately reached for comment.