Krugersdorpers suffer as old mine dumps are re-mined


Re-mining old mine dumps may seem a solution to environmental pollution, but it has dangerous health consequences.

KRUGERSDORP - Mining company Mintails claims it&39;s cleaning up old mine dumps in Krugersdorp, west of Johannesburg.

More than a century of gold mining has left its legacy of poisoned water and toxic soil across large areas of South Africa, Gauteng in particular.

But residents living near the sites complain they are only making the situation worse – and they are getting sick as a result.

Mary Roets lives a stone&39;s-throw away from an old mine dump that is being re-mined to extract the last of the gold.

But the process has created a dust cloud so thick her health is suffering.

Mining company Mintails claims it has a plan to not only clean up the mess, but also to make a profit.

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