Lawyers want murder accused's mental status probed

MIDDELBURG - Lawyers for a convicted killer want to investigate his claims of mental instability.

Farmworker Petrus Madiba is accused of killing eight women and a baby while out on bail for murder.

Now he wants to plead guilty to the killing spree. 

The 29-year-old was convicted of strangling a woman in November last year.

He’s currently serving a 35-year sentence for that killing.


Madiba stands accused of luring his financially desperate victims with the promise of work.

He would then rob them and strangle them.

The state has argued his murderous rampage is incorrigible.

One of Madiba’s victims was carrying her baby girl on her, when she was killed.

The state says Madiba kidnapped the little girl – and then strangled her too.

The family members of Madiba’s alleged victims back in the Middelburg Circuit Court today, hoping finally to hear what happened to their loved-ones.

* eNCA reporter, Karyn Maughan, is tracking the case.  Watch her video package above.


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