Lesotho delegation to learn new skills in SA


Mothejoa Metsing of Lesotho Congress for Democracy attends a debate in Maseru on 23 May, 2012 a few days before the People of Lesotho go to the polls in National Assembly Elections 2012.

JOHANNESBURG - South Africa and Lesotho met on Sunday in Pretoria to exchange expertise.

A high-level Lesotho government delegation is in the country to learn more about service delivery.

It is led by Deputy Prime Minister Mothejoa Metsing.

The two-day meeting will focus on government planning, monitoring and evaluation systems.

The visitors hope to learn how to ensure service delivery is not only accelerated, but to achieve its own Vision 2020.

Despite the service delivery challenges in South Africa, Lesotho believes it will learn from its neighbour.  

The two countries will also look at opportunities for collaboration in public service issues.

“The relationships existing between Lesotho and South Africa affect many areas," said Metsing.

"Recently, South Africa has been involved -- through the president himself as chairperson of the organ -- to ensure that we get last(ing) peace in Lesotho.

"They intervened when there was political tensions in the country. And, up to date, the deputy president is still the facilitator. Really, the work, we really appreciate as a country.”

Metsing said it will be easier to learn and implement processes from a neighbouring country that shares the same context, culture and landscape.

The meeting&39;s emphasis includes tools to monitor and evaluate government services.

Operation Phakisa, the presidential hotline and citizens-based monitoring remain some of the performance-based programmes South Africa prides itself with.

Minister in the Presidency Jeff Radebe said: “Going forward, we need to ensure that we energise our plans, our monitoring systems, so that we can benefit from each other’s experiences.

"We are going to be sharing that kind of information. From the role the National Planning Commission does in South Africa, how we do monitoring -- even though many of our projects are still in their infancy.”

With over 278 municipalities, the South African government said it continues to find new ways to fast-track service delivery, including addressing capacity challenges, like the recruitment of key staff.

The visit also strengthens ties between South Africa and its neighbour, keeping in mind that 4 million Lesotho nationals reside in South Africa.


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