Limpopo Health Department takes Doom prophet to court


'Prophet' Lethebo Rabalago from Mountzion General Assembly in Limpopo says he uses Doom insectice to heal people from any illness they have, be it cancer or HIV.

LIMPOPO - Self-professed prophet, Lethebo Rabalago’s days of spraying Doom at congregants, are numbered.

The Limpopo Health Department has obtained an interdict, preventing him from spraying insecticide at churchgoers.

Rabalago has been ordered to appear in court next month, to provide reasons the interdict should not be made final.

Derick Kganyago, Limpopo Health Department spokesperson, said, “Our wish if you remember, was to approach him directly to come forward so that we could test his psychiatric status but he is not complying."

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Because of his non-compliance with the department's request; they approached the courts and intend to subpoena him to test his mental state according to Kganyago.

Religious rights body; the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities (CRL) also called to those who feel their rights were violated by a controversial pastor to come forward.


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