Listeriosis at Joburg food outlets contained: health specialists


The first case of listeria linked to the tainted product was registered by the authorities in September last year. Since then 20 cases have been reported, with 15 people falling ill since June.

JOHANNESBURG – Environmental health practitioners in the City of Johannesburg assured residents that the Listeriosis strains, which were discovered at two food outlets on Friday, are contained.

Samples have been taken to the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) for testing.

City of Joburg MMC for Health, Mpho Phalatse said they are still waiting for confirmation from the NICD.

“The situation is contained. Our environmental practitioners have removed all the products within those outlets. As we are advising them, we have nothing to worry about.”

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The NICD said it is difficult to track Listeriosis because the bacteria is found in various parts of the environment.

The institute&39;s Juno Thomas had several recommendations for South Africans.

“Wash hands thoroughly before food preparation and regularly during food preparation. Make sure you keep raw and cooked food separate, and separate clean utensils.

"Cook food thoroughly before eating. Heat up those cooked food items to sizzling temperatures before you eat it. Wash food you’re going to eat with clean water."

The City of Joburg reminded food handlers to pay attention to hygiene during preparation and distribution of the food.