ANC NWC meet at Luthuli House in the wake of violent clashes


File: ANC 's headquarters at Luthuli House, Johannesburg.

JOHANNESBURG - The African National Congress (ANC)&39;s National Working Committee (NWC) was locked in a meeting at Luthuli House (the ANC&39;s headquarters) on Monday with the pressure for President Jacob Zuma to step down almost palpable. 

Earlier, the Black First Land First (BLF) group led a "Hands off Zuma" demonstration to Luthuli House, calling for President Jacob Zuma to be allowed to serve out his term.

However, a group of ANC supporters warned the protesters to stay away from Luthuli House.

The opposing groups clashed violently in the streets of Johannesburg with protestors identified as ANC members violently assaulting an older woman in the streets outside Luthuli House. 

VIDEO: Woman brutally assaulted outside Luthuli House

The BLF-led group handed over a memorandum to ANC Secretary General Ace Magashule, who was jeered as he left. 

On Sunday night, the ANC NEC met with President Zuma at his official residence in Pretoria, following which the party&39;s National Working Committee (NWC) is to meet at Luthuli House on Monday afternoon. 

Calls have been mounting for Zuma to step down before the State of the Nation (Sona) address on Thursday. 

One political analyst believes it would be best for the ANC to internally manage President Zuma&39;s exit. 

According to Daniel Silke: “What the ANC needs to do and, frankly, what Zuma needs to do as well, is avoid any kind of impeachment motion or a vote of no confidence. and on the basis of that which won&39;t help Zuma or the ANC, a deal has to be struck sooner. So my own view is that sooner rather than later we will see Zuma cave in. The pressure is now quite substantial, but arguably also on Ramaphosa. Can he take his own party along, because if he doesn&39;t get this one right in a short period of time he could find that these things come to hurt him in future. That&39;s why the pressure is on both involved in this drama unfolding."