VIDEO: Stun grenades, chaos on the stairs of Parliament FeesMustFall


UCT students protested outside Parliament on Wednesday over proposed fee hikes for 2016

  • Editor&39;s note: This live stream has now ended as the protest action has essentially been dispersed from this location. You may watch a recording of earlier proceedings in the gallery above.


* Watch Minister Nhlanhla Nene&39;s speech here.


PARLIAMENT - Thousands of protesting students have clashed with police on the stairs of the National Assembly in Cape Town.




This comes after the large group stormed the parliament precinct.

Police pushed back the angry crowds and used stun grenades to disperse them.



Students had tried to push through the police barricade with their hands crossed above their heads.



University students want to interrupt Finance Minister, Nhlanhla Nene&39;s Medium-Term Budget Speech.



However, inside the National Assembly, Nene continued with his speech.


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