WATCH: Academics release report on state capture


A discussion will be held at the Wits Donald Gordon Auditorium, Wits School of Governance for the discussion titled Betrayal Of The Promise: How South Africa is being Stolen.


Editor's note: This live stream has now ended. You may watch a recording above.

JOHANNESBURG - Academics released their report on the emerging shadow state on Thursday afternoon at the Wits School of Governance in Parktown, Johannesburg.

"Betrayal of the Promise: How South Africa is Being Stolen" is the result of a collaboration between researchers from the universities of the Witwatersrand, Stellenbosch, Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Calling themselves the State Capacity Research Group they are gathering comprehensive empirical analysis on the Zuma-led state.

Professor Mark Swilling of the Centre for Complex Systems in Transition at Stellenbosch University will present the report.



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