WATCH: Noakes verdict - No proof of unprofessional conduct


ProfessorTimNoakes will find out today whether he will lose his right to practise. The doctor and UCT professor faces a charge of unprofessional conduct for giving unconventional advice to a breastfeeding mother. ?


• Editor&39;s note: This live event has ended. You may watch a recording above.

CAPE TOWN - Controversial health guru Professor Tim Noakes was found not guilty on unprofessional conduct charges.

The HPCSA found no proof that Noakes was guilty of unprofessional conduct for advice he gave to a breastfeeding mother.

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He advised the woman to wean her baby onto a low-carb, high-fat diet.

The Association of Dietetics in South Africa then filed a complaint with the Health Professions Council.

The Association says the diet is not in line with accepted international and local guidelines for feeding babies.


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