WATCH: Religious leaders call on Zuma to step down


The council of churches address the media after their meeting with the ANC top six to discuss the country's leadership.

JOHANNESBURG - The National Religious Leaders Council and the South African Council of Churches met the governing party&39;s most senior leaders at Luthuli House on Friday.

The country&39;s religious leaders met this morning to discuss what it calls the &39;crisis in the country&39;.

They requested the meeting after releasing a statement earlier this week, saying President Zuma has lost all morality to govern.

In attendance were Frank Chikane, Ray McKauley, Michael Lapsley, Ziphozihle Siwa, Warren Goldstein. 

The leaders have asked for President Zuma to step down and for the party leaders to take decisive action against Zuma.



The Council says the president&39;s apology following last week’s Constitutional Court&39;s Nkandla judgement is simply not enough, and the events have laid bare the leadership crisis the country faces.




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