Lobby groups fight Ntlemeza's appointment


Johannesburg, 29 March 2015 - Acting Hawks boss Benning Ntlemeza demanded the docket for suspended boss Anwar Dramat and others, be handed over.

JOHANNESBURG - Hawks boss, Berning Ntlemeza, will have to explain why he should keep his job.

Ntlemeza's legal team will on Wednesday outline why he is qualified to stay in office as the head of the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation.

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Two lobby groups have called on the North Gauteng High Court to review the appointment.

"What our case is based on, is the idea that when government officials appoints another government official that appointment has to be rational and what happened here was that we had two separate high court judgments that said that  Lieutenant-General Ntlemeza’s lacked integrity and was dishonest ," said Piet Olivier from the Helen Suzman Foundation.

The Helen Suzman Foundation and Freedom Under Law are poking holes in the 2015 placement, which they believe was irrational.

The advocacy groups are questioning why police minister Nathi Nhleko appointed Ntlemeza, despite two adverse judicial findings against him.

Olivier added that Ntlemeza's selection was an indication that Nhleko did not pay attention to the two previous findings against him and that the facts rendered his appointment irrational and therefore unlawful.