Plett surf-skier escapes shark attack


Surf-ski bitten by a shark and returned to the paddlers.

JOHANNESBURG - A Plettenberg Bay surf-skier has had a lucky escape after an encounter with a Great White Shark.

Dave Manson and four friends were out paddling on Friday morning, when a Great White Shark bit off the back of his sea kayak.

The force of the attack threw him into the sea and his fellow paddlers helped him back to shore.

The National Sea Rescue Institute has urged people to be cautious as sharks usually come close to shore this time of the year to feed.

“No one was injured in the incident and NSRI recovered the surf-ski from the water and returned it to the paddlers,” said the NSRI in a statement.

“NSRI are urging the public to be cautious. It is now well known that at this time of the year sharks migrate close in-shore to feed as part of their natural habit and NSRI urge paddlers, surfers and bathers to be cautious and to be aware of this natural phenomenon.”


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