WATCH: The doccie that exposes racism at Stellenbosch University


Picture of Stellenbosch University. The service contract between Stellenbosch University and Dr Anton Stander was terminated this week, after Dr Stander admitted of his own accord that he had made alleged racist comments on an SMS to a student.

STELLENBOSCH - Luister is a documentary about the lives of students of colour who attend Stellenbosch University in South Africa.

In a series of interviews, students recount instances of racial prejudice that they continue to experience in the town of Stellenbosch, and the enormous challenges that they face due to the use of Afrikaans as a language of teaching at the institution. 

Luister is a film about Afrikaans as a language and a culture.

It is a film about the continuing racism that exists within a divided society.

It is a film about a group of students whose stories have been ignored. Luister is the Afrikaans word for Listen.

Click on the link below to watch the full documentary.

In a statement, Stellenbosch University said there are certain misrepresentations in the video that should be pointed out. 

"One such issue is that the University takes disciplinary action against students who participate in protests. This is not the case.
The University acknowledged in various communication pieces this year the right of students to take part in protest action, provided that it takes place within the rules and guidelines applicable to the entire campus community; that academic and administrative activities are not disrupted; that the rights of fellow students to study are not infringed upon; and that no risks are created. Actions such as the disruption of a lecture, the sit-in in an administrative building and the disruption of a careers fair in July are completely unacceptable and the University has an obligation to act against the guilty parties in these cases."

It also noted that Elsenburg is not a part of Stellenbosch University, saying the video creates that impression, but rather that Elsenburg reports under the Department of Agriculture in the Western Cape.

"Ultimately, the impression is created that the SU management does not listen to students. This cannot go unchallenged. Prof De Villiers has committed himself on various platforms this year to listening (for example in his inauguration speech) and has in writing encouraged staff and students to enter into conversation with him to enable open and courageous conversations on campus. However, mutual respect is a key principle that applies to all conversations. Otherwise, meaningful conversations cannot occur."  

"Management is not apathetic towards these issues and confirms that these are the kind of issues that are currently receiving pertinent attention on various levels and in high-level discussions with various groups and individuals on campus." the statement said.

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