Mahlangu: No one anticipated deaths at Life Esidimeni


File image of former Gauteng MEC for Health, Qedani Mahlangu at a media briefing on 13 October 2015. Mahlangu resigned from her position following a damning report into the deaths of nto psychiatric patients under her watch.

JOHANNESBURG - Gauteng’s former Health MEC, Qedani Mahlangu says no health officials anticipated the deaths of patients during the Life Esidimeni project.

Mahlangu is answering questions at the arbitration hearings in Johannesburg.

WATCH: Mahlangu faces cross-examination at Esidimeni hearing

“I do not think that at the time anyone in the department thought that there was going to be loss of life. Not me, not the HOD not anybody. I do not think anyone of us sat and said this was going to result in a loss of life. It’s regrettable that people have lost loved ones. It’s the unintended consequences of implementing policies or the decision incorrectly. The point is fair and it’s a genuine point,” says Mahlangu.

At least 143 patients died in the tragedy.