Malema warns IEC to be free and fair


30 April 2016 - EFF leader, Julius Malema addresses a 35,000 strong crowd at Orland Stadium in Soweto as his party launches its 2016 Local Elections manifesto.

SOWETO - The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) warns that vote rigging will not be tolerated.

During the party&39;s election manifesto launch, party leader Julius Malema accused the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) of waging a campaign against it.



The party says its declaration is based on 200 meetings held within Gauteng communities.






The accusation comes as the party prepares to contest its first local government elections in August.

Malema says his party&39;s election manifesto reflects the hopes and interests of the people. He believes the EFF is the nation&39;s last hope for jobs and service delivery.

CREDIT: eNCA/ Sthembiso Zulu



Malema also saw red over treason charges against him, saying truth cannot be treason.

"Why open a treason case against people who speak the truth. What treason is that? Since when is the truth treason? The ANC is lead by clowns. That is why they confuse the truth with treason," he said.








He also made a caged warning to President Jacob Zuma and the governing ANC:

"Leave office before the soldiers turn their guns on you. The army is not happy. You threaten us with the army. The army is the EFF. All those soldiers are EFF people. They see their hopes in the EFF."

During the launch of the EFF&39;s election manifesto, Malema also promised voters free land, electricity and decent housing.

The EFF scored a victory by filling up the 40,000 capacity Orlando Stadium in Soweto on Saturday, but whether or not this translates into a big win at the polls, remains to be seen.

CREDIT: eNCA / Sthembiso Zulu

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