Mamphela...Mampeela... wait, what?

Cape Town - It wasn&39;t quite the attention the Democratic Alliance and Agang expected when the parties announced their merger on Tuesday, but Agang leader Mamphela Ramphele&39;s name and a picture of a kiss shared between both leaders became a national talking point.

DA leader Helen Zille sparked mass debate over her pronunciation of Ramphele&39;s name, but, as it turned out, she was right (watch in the gallery above).

@Stormable3h tweeted: "I think it would help if Helen Zille could pronounce Mamphela Ramphele&39;s name properly. Mamphili Ramphili?!" 

The hashtag "Ramphelile" was also coined on the social network. It appeared to have been a joining of Zille’s and Ramphele’s names.

Meanwhile, a picture of Zille and Ramphele sharing a kiss, taken by journalist Rod Macleod, got a fair amount of traction.

Mandy de Waal ‏(@mandyldewaal) tweeted: "Zille & Mamphele [SA&39;s 1st mixed race power couple] This photo has meme written all over it!"

Political analyst Angelo Fick agreed that the merger was easily South Africa&39;s worst-kept political secret. (Watch his full commentary in the gallery above or here).

When eNCA contacted Agang a day prior to the announcement, the party called the rumours “ridiculous”. The DA’s federal executive chairman James Selfe refused to confirm or deny the merger. This after weeks of speculation that the DA was trying to lure the newcomer party into its fold.

The newly refurbished party -- the portmanteau or word combination of which spells "DAgang" -- hopes to challenge ANC dominance at the 2014 general elections.

Ramphela is to stand as the party’s presidential candidate