Mandatory for prisoners to study

KWAZULU-NATAL - Criminality inside South Africa’s prisons is a constant concern for correctional services. 

In a bid to curb the culture of gangsters inside prison, inmates are being encouraged to pursue their education instead.

It&39;s now mandatory that all inmates attain at least a Grade 9 qualification.

On Tuesday, the Minister of Correctional Services opened a secondary school inside a prison on the KwaZulu-Natal north coast.

Teachers say it’s far easier to keep track of their pupils here, and difficult for them to play truant.

From here they can hone their skills at a FET college also the prison -- learning skills like welding, plumbing and carpentry.

The Correctional Services Minister says he&39;s convinced that in this learning environment, prisoners will now spend less time teaching each other how to commit crime.

The Qalakabusha Correctional Centre school is now one of twelve full-time prison schools registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training.

Three more schools are in the process of accreditation in Gauteng and the North West Province.


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