Mandla's chiefdom at stake over feud

*This article has been updated to include a new interview with Inkosi Phathekile Holomisa

MTHATHA, Eastern Cape – The bitter feud between members of the Mandela family, may cost Nelson Mandela’s grandson Mandla, his chiefdom.

AbaThembu King,  Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo says Mandla Mandela will be expelled as the Chief of Mvezo.

Dalindyebo said he lost all respect for Madiba’s eldest grandson, after intimate details of family issues were aired to the media at a press conference.

Mandla, earlier this week, warned the AbaThembu King to stay out of his family’s affairs. (Watch the video, here or in the gallery)

According to the Head of the Congress of Traditional Leaders of South Africa, Inkosi Phathekile Holomisa, an official complaint has to be laid against Mandla in order for any further action to be taken. (Click here to watch his interview).

However, while Mandla has yet to comment on Dalindyebo&39;s statement, he announced on Saturday that he wanted to have an Eastern Cape lawyer -- Wesley Hayes -- disbarred for misconduct.

Hayes is the lawyer representing the Mandela family in the case of the exhumation of the remains of Nelson Mandela&39;s three children.

The Mthatha High Court granted members of the Mandela family an order to exhume the remains of Mandela’s children from Mvezo to Qunu.

Mandla called the decision a travesty of justice.

He claimed Hayes misled the court in an affidavit submitted by 16 members of the Mandela family, in which the former president was said to be in a vegetative state.

Mandla said he had instructed his lawyer, Gary Jansen, to ask the Bar Council and Law Society to investigate whether the Mandela family lied to the court about Mandela’s health condition, in order to add weight to their argument.

In a certificate of urgency dated June 27th, the Mandela family said doctors had advised them to turn off life support machines.

“Thus far, we haven&39;t seen those affidavits. It&39;s now come to our attention that, for urgency, they alleged that the President was very, very ill. It doesn&39;t appear that those affidavits that they refer to with regard to medical reports and things exist,” said Jansen.

Mandla said if his lawyers were given all the necessary documents in the matter, the outcome may have been very different.

“If they mislead the court with regard to information, then that&39;s serious and they need to address us and they need to say on what basis they did that,” said Jansen.

The presidency denied claims that Madiba is in a vegetative state, so has his old friend Denis Goldberg, who also visited Madiba in hospital this week.