Manqele guilty of murdering Flabba


Sindisiwe Manqele has admitted that she and boyfriend Nkululeko Flabba Habedi had been fighting the night he was killed.

Watch full judgment proceedings here.

JOHANNESBURG - Judge Solly Sithole on Wednesday found Flabba&39;s girlfriend, Sindisiwe Manqele guilty of his murder in the South Gauteng High Court.



Manqele pleaded not guilty to killing Nkululeko “Flabba” Habedi in March this year.

Manqele had repeatedly told the South Gauteng High Court, sitting at the Randburg Magistrate’s Court,  that she was defending herself on the night she stabbed the rap artist. Manqele says she feared for her life after Habedi stabbed her in the stomach.

The state has rejected her explanation. Judge Solly Sithole spent most the Wednesday morning reading his 50-page-judgement.

Sithole said the testimonies didn’t assist the court with information of what occured in the bedroom on the night Manqele stabbed Habedi.



Shortly after the judgment, it was declared that Manqele would remain in custody.



Sentencing is expected on Thursday morning. 

Manqele, 26, was registered as an economics student at Griffith College, a private college in the city of Dublin Ireland at the time of the fatal stabbing. The incident occurred at the musician’s Alexandra house on 9 March this year.

The judge also read the evidence of Nkululeko Chauke who was the friend who was present at the club with Habedi and Manqele hours before the fatal stabbing.

“It’s quite obvious that Mr Chauke was close to the couple and was present with them at the club and was dropped off at home after, but it still doesn’t tell us of the moment of conflict, it only tells us of what happened outside,” Sithole said.

After the tea break Sithole went on to read the evidence of the forensic pathologist who examined Habedi’s stab wound, as well as the injuries Manqele sustained during the alleged altercation in the bedroom

“She was testifying on medical technicalities … she said the force must have caused the wound on the deceased.”

Sithole also read the testimony given by Habedi’s mother, Pearl Habedi, who had testified that she had received a message notifying her about the quarrel between her son and Manqele, as well as the fact that Habedi’s career was beginning to blossom again and that his death affected the family badly.

On the testimony of Masego Tsele, who is the girlfriend of Nkululeko Chauke and who was also present at the club before the murder took place, Sithole said: “It is clear that she was in the company of the deceased and the accused.”

The judge said the state closed its case after calling a total of 11 witnesses.

He then went on to read Manqele’s evidence, including where she testified that she had not meant to kill him, but only wanted to get him off her.

- Additional reporting ANA