Mashaba to take home affairs to court over permits

File: Former Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba.

File: Former Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba, entrepreneur and Black Like Me Founder, is launching a political party in August and plans to contest next year's local government elections.



JOHANNESBURG – Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba is preparing to take court action against the Department of Home Affairs.

He wants them to issue permits to all qualifying foreign nationals and deport those who don&39;t qualify.

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“The national home affairs department has got a constitutional responsibility to ensure that every person in the country whether foreign or not, has to have documentation-- so as the city or country as we prepare to provide services, we know who’s in the country,” Mashsaba said.

“I’ve been trying to indicate to them…so many foreign nationals with no documentation, crying out for intervention..I’ve now run out of patience and taking the matter to the courts to make sure that home affairs gives everyone documents, those who qualify.”

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