Matriculants hoping for good results after tough year


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JOHANNESBURG - Thousands of Matriculants will be eagerly awaiting their 2014 results are due to be released on Tuesday morning. While some had a stress-free year, personal circumstances affected others. spoke to five Matriculants from different backgrounds on their expectations.

Melissa van Nieuwenhuizen (Horskool Noordheuwel, Krugersdorp)

"The nerves are killing me.  I am expecting good results because I put in the hard yards during the year.

"My biggest challenge this year was getting to class on time, otherwise everything went as smoothly as I planned.

"I am planning to further my studies at the Tshwane University of Technology this year, studying science".

Sthembile Mamba (Aurora Girls High, Soweto)

"To me receiving Matric results feels as normal as receiving other results down the years. I put in the same effort as I have always put in, so I expect good results as usual. I did what I know works for me.

"The biggest obstacle I had in 2014 was balancing school work and house chores. I arrived late at home from school because of extra classes and that made it quite challenging to do my normal chores at home.

"I am planning to study either medicine, environmental studies or social work this year at Wits University.

"It will be sad leaving my school friends whom I have known for years, but this year isn’t about friends.

"I have dedicated the year to myself and achieving the goals I’ve set out."

Thandeka Madonsela (Aurora Girls High, Soweto)

"My Matric year was hectic  but, having said that, I still expect very good results.

"I do not want to disappoint my family and friends when the results are published nationally.

"This is a different feeling because everyone will be watching me.

"I lost my mother during the exams. She died when I had about five papers left to write. It was emotionally draining for me but it motivated me to work even harder so that I can make her proud of me.

"I never received any compassionate leave from school, in fact, I didn’t tell anyone about it because I didn’t want anyone feeling sorry for me or getting any special treatment.

"I only mentioned my mother’s passing to my schoolmates and teachers after the exams. In 2015, I will be doing a hospitality learnership."


Ren Morgan (Monument Horskool, Krugersdorp)

"I put in a lot of hard work this year. If one didn’t put in hard work then there won’t be any good results to expect.

"I am expecting to do well in my languages and accounting. I am a bit worried about mathematics and economics but I remain hopeful.

"I’ve registered with to get my results online. If all goes according to plan then we will have big celebrations at my house."

Sibongile Gumede (Emdeni Junior Secondary School, Soweto)

"I am very scared about receiving my results. I am so nervous I don’t even know what I am doing or thinking currently.

"The past year has been very tough because of all the family issues I had. It&39;s never good for someone as young as me to deal with family problems during exams.

"I am excited about a braai my mum promised me if I pass very well.

"After that, I am going to register at the South West Gauteng College to study sound engineering."

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