Mayor Mashaba addresses over-valued properties


Johannesburg, 04 May 2017 - Johnnesburg major Herman Mashaba wants South Africans to spread their vote, to ensure coalition governments are the order of the day in 2019. eNCA reporter, Nickolaus Bauer, caught up with him after his speech.

JOHANNESBURG - Amid an outcry over massive rate hikes, Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba on Wednesday announced that the City will revise downwards as many as 8,000 over-valued properties

Mashaba said that this process follows engagements between the City and the independent municipal valuer after numerous objections about property valuations. Affected house owners will next week receive Section 78 notices.

The Section 78 notices will also make provision for a 30-day period during which property owners can provide relevant information to be taken into further account during the review process while these properties are placed on the supplementary valuation roll.

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Mashaba said that the City had received 4,000 objections to the valuation roll to date. He said that the City will begin handing over these objections to the municipal valuer without waiting for the 6 April 2018 deadline for objections.

"The focus of our efforts is ensuring that our residents find the valuations processes to be more responsive and efficient than it has been in the past. Already, our online information resources have greatly improved residents’ access to assistance and information," Mashaba said.

He said the capacity of "our walk-in centres is being addressed to deal with the increase of residents seeking assistance with their objections. When we took office, we committed to a set of non-negotiable values, which included being a caring and responsive City".