Mboro could lay charges after ambulance death row


19 November 2015 - Faithful followers of Paseka Motsoeneng show their support for the pastor popularly known as Prophet Mboro.

JOHANNESBURG – A legal storm is brewing between Pastor Paseka “Mboro” Motsoeneng and the Ekurhuleni Emergency Management Services following a child’s death at the pastor&39;s church in Katlehong on Sunday.

Mboro said he would assist the mother of the child that died should she want to take legal action by opening a case of culpable homicide against the department.

The pastor is accusing responding paramedics of negligence.

He denied allegations that he wanted to load into the ambulance the lifeless body of the child.

Mboro also denied he and his congregants attacked paramedics before they could begin processes of helping the child.

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“The department concerned went to the media to cover themselves and shift attention from their clear negligence, in that they failed to render the necessary assistance to the distressed, innocent child, who lost her life, because the EMS personnel failed to give her the required oxygen that she so desperately needed,” Mboro said.

Mboro claimed the child was “very sick” when she was brought to him.

He further claimed paramedics, upon arrival, denied giving the child oxygen and other emergency treatment when he begged them to.

“The paramedics wasted a lot of time reprimanding the mother and accusing the mother of neglecting her child.  Also, without taking the medical history of the child from the mother and without asking why the mother took the child to the church for help, the paramedics simply accused the mother of failing to take the child to the clinic.”

Mboro said he told the paramedics that the child appeared to be dehydrated and needed immediate attention but the paramedics simply ignored him.

Paramedics reportedly maintained the child was dead before arrival.