Mbuli's wife alleges infidelity


Kuli Roberts took to twitter to vent her frustration over alleged comments that she and the late Vuyo Mbuli were romantically involved. Source: Twitter

Johannesburg - Barely a week after broadcasting veteran Vuyo Mbuli was buried at a provincial funeral, his personal life has come under scrutiny.

The City Press reported today that Mbuli&39;s wife Savita said he had several affairs during their marriage and that she allegedly quarrelled with one of Mbuli&39;s mistresses in the lead up to his funeral on Friday.

Media personality Kuli Roberts was also implicated in the report, but denied having anything more than a platonic friendship with him.

Taking to twitter to further respond to the article, Roberts said: "What does one do besides laugh? I&39;ve just been called by City Press cause Savitha told em, I was having an affair with Vuyo! Amen! I told em, I&39;ve no time for Savitha&39;s dramas. Wow! Strange individual."

While Roberts&39;s rant continued through to several more posts (view in our picture gallery), a twitter account believed to belong to Mbuli&39;s 13-year-old son Sithenkosi tweeted Roberts to ask her to stop fuelling the allegations.

Sithenkosi said invited Roberts via the social media network to take up any comment she had directly with him.

While Roberts did not respond directly to the tweets, she did challenge Savita&39;s account of alleged raunchy messages that she and Mbuli exchanged. 

None of the twitter accounts have tweeted anything else since yesterday&39;s public exchange.









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