Mbuyiseni Ndlozi speaks on Biko and political identity


Johannesburg, 21 March 2017- In focus this year will be the life and legacy of Steve Biko and the crucial role he played in the fight against apartheid. The struggle icon died nearly 40 years ago.




Johannesburg - Malema: If you thought Biko is dead, look around; he is not in the grave, he continues to inspire us to seek after a proud life for blacks.

This statement holds much truth as SA commemorates 40 years of the struggle icon's passing. 

Steve Bantu Biko lost his life on 12 September, 1977, naked on a stone floor in a Pretoria prison cell.

He was beaten, tortured and silenced, yet his silencing shouted volumes within the masses and the international community.

The apartheid regime killed his body but definitely not his spirit.

*View the attached video where  EFF spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi unpacks the philosophy of the Black Consciousness movement Icon.

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