Gupta-linked Trillian says it has proof against McKinsey


The logo of Trillian Capital, an asset management company linked to the Gupta-family.

JOHANNESBURG – Gupta-linked Trillian Capital has responded to claims by McKinsey over an apparent deal with Eskom.

Trillian says it was a supplier development partner for business consultants McKinsey.

The company says it also sat in meetings with McKinsey and Eskom as required by a service agreement.

McKinsey has denied that it subcontracted a turnaround strategy project at the parastatal to Trillian.

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But Trillian says it has documents that prove Mckinsey was aware of and endorsed its work.

The company claims that as part of an agreement with McKinsey, it sent a team to the Majuba power station in Mpumalanga.

Earlier this week Eskom admitted that it had paid Trillian almost R500-million in consultancy fees.

Media reports last week said leaked emails suggested that McKinsey had authorised Eskom to pay Trillian as a subcontractor, in a bid to win a contract with the power utility.

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