MEC worried over Mdunge matric affair

JOHANNESBURG - The perception that the public is being served by officials with fake qualifications is a serious concern, KwaZulu-Natal community safety MEC Willies Mchunu said on Friday.

He was reacting to reports that KwaZulu-Natal police spokesman Colonel Vincent Mdunge had a faked matric certificate.

"It will be highly regrettable if the impression was to be created that the members of the public were being served by people with faked qualifications," Mchunu said.

"While this matter, at this stage, remains an allegation, we wish to state it for a record that the issue of integrity of people serving the public is of utmost importance to the government."

On Thursday, police said Mdunge had tendered his resignation amid allegations that the 25-year police veteran did not have a valid matric certificate.

Mchunu said: "We place high value on the need for the people serving the public to be of high integrity, good standing and trustworthy."

On Friday the Star newspaper reported that Mdunge had denied his qualification was invalid.

"It is not true that my certificate is fake. I am currently consulting my legal team and will take this to court," Mdunge was quoted as saying.

He said it would have been impossible for him to serve in the police "for 27 years" with an invalid certificate.

On Thursday, Colonel Jay Naicker said the allegations against Mdunge surfaced when the criminal and academic records of SA Police Service employees were checked.

Mdunge subsequently resigned.

Mdunge told The Star&39;s sister newspaper Isolezwe he did not quit because of the pending criminal investigation against him. He claimed it was a coincidence that he resigned at the same time that the allegations surfaced.

On Friday, Naicker told Sapa he did not know of Mdunge&39;s intentions to take the matter to court.

"It&39;s his decision and he doesn&39;t have to notify us of it," said Naicker.

Mdunge could not be reached for comment.