Meter-taxi drivers promise ?to fight Uber for territory


Metered taxi drivers in Gauteng have vowed to fight tooth and nail to protect what they call their space. Theyve downed tools, calling on government to order the Uber taxi service to leave the country.?

PRETORIA - Meter-taxi drivers in Gauteng vowed to fight tooth and nail to protect what they called "their space".

The drivers went on strike, calling on government to order the Uber ride-hailing service to leave the country.

Earlier this week, two vehicles belonging to Uber and Taxify -- another ride-hailing app -- were torched in Pretoria, with both drivers assaulted.

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One driver, who suffered serious burns, was recovering in hospital.

Meter-taxi drivers, who marched in Centurion, demanded that the city respond to its memorandum within seven days.

Oupa Skhosana of the Concerned Meter-Taxi Operators said: “We are here because we want to protect our business. We want to protect our territory and unfortunately it looks like government is folding its arms.”

The City of Tshwane was quick to commit itself to responding to the meter-taxi drivers' demands.

Uber drivers previously protested over safety concerns, accusing the company of ignoring their plight. 

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