Government doesn't pay e-tolls why should citizens: DA


FIle: E-tolls have been in place for nearly 18 months now, but the system has been a financial failure.

PARLIAMENT - The Democratic Alliance says government should lead by example in the payment of e-Tolls in Gauteng.

It has slammed municipalities for failing to comply with the laws governing the system.

A report from the Transport Department shows that six municipalities in Gauteng have massive outstanding e-Toll bills.

Manny De Freitas told Parliament that it is pure hypocrisy for the state to call on citizens and businesses to pay gantry fees, while it doesn&39;t do the same.

The Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality alone owes over R1.8 million.

The City of Tshwane&39;s outstanding balance stands at  over R300,000, while Emfuleni local municipality owes around R120,000.

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