Mineworker, manager die at Primrose mine


One of the two men trapped after descending into a mine on Stanley road in Primrose in Germiston has died. The other one remains trapped.

JOHANNESBURG – A second mineworker has died after two men were trapped in a mine in Primrose, Germiston on Thursday.

Ekurhuleni Disaster and Emergency Management Services spokesperson William Ntladi said rescue operations ended on Friday morning around 12:30 am.

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He said the two were declared dead at the scene after they were brought to the surface.

He said one was a mineworker and the other a manager of the mine.

“They were overcome by methane. There was no oxygen underground and they suffocated. The conditions were not good for life,” said Ntladi.

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He added that the rescue operations were facilitated by Ekurhuleni disaster department and other emergency services.

The case will remain a subject of police investigation.

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