More petrol pumps could run dry


All grades of petrol are set to drop by 67 cents a litre at midnight on Wednesday.

JOHANNESBURG - Petrol prices are set to drop on Wedneday, but the fuel sector strike is causing a few headaches.

Officials say several deliveries have been delayed - mostly because drivers were intimidated.

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Members of the CEPPWAWU union downed tools last week.

Petrol stations had back-up plans, but the South African Petroleum Industry Association (Sapia) says some ran dry at the weekend.

Townships in Gauteng have taken the biggest knock. 

"What is happening is that the oil companies have to activate their contingencies to find another way of supplying Pretoria," said Executive Director for Sapia, Avhapfani Tshifuraro.

"The impact is that you will have delayed supply to affected areas in Pretoria...that would not normally be the supplying points."

More trouble could be on the horizon, with deliveries only resuming when drivers feel safe.

* Listen to an interview with Avhapfani Tshifularo of Sapia in the gallery above.


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