Motsoeneng says he's just 'wonderful'


Johannesburg, 27 September 2016 - Hlaudi Motsoeneng has been redeployed at the SABC. He's back as head of corporate affairs. But the controversial figure remains defiant.

JOHANNESBURG – Former SABC chief operating officer Hlaudi Motsoeneng remains part of the public broadcaster's top management as the board has reappointed him to his previous position of group executive of corporate affairs.

The broadcaster made the announcement at a press conference in Auckland Park on Tuesday afternoon.

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The corporate affairs general manager appointed just two months ago, Bessie Tugwana, has been moved to the CEO’s office, to work in an unspecified capacity.

The board is adamant that Motsoeneng's new position doesn’t violate the spirit of the recent Western Cape High Court judgment that found his appointment irrational and invalid.

SABC chairperson, Mbulaheni Maguvhe said: “We read Judge (Dennis) Davis’s judgment and that judgment stated categorically that Mr Motsoeneng can hold any position here at SABC, including that one of COO if requirements are met and due processes have been followed.”

Motsoeneng says those calling for his head are spiteful and are resisting transformation.


Motsoeneng claimed he had support from all over South Africa, saying: "Wherever I go, people support Hlaudi; worse (sic) in the rural area, because you know I'm a rural boy."



“I want to applaud the people who recognised this wonderful individual called Hlaudi.”



Motsoeneng says he looks forward to his new position, but plans to apply for the COO post, because he believes he qualifies for it.

He called on the national broadcaster to follow the correct procedures if he were to be reappointed. 



Maguvhe added: “I hope when we advertise, he can apply, if he so wishes. Nothing stops him.”


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