Three-year-old Courtney's home declared crime scene


"crime scene"

CAPE TOWN - It was a heartbreaking Mother's Day for a Juanita Pieters.

"To the person who has my child, please bring her back because that child is the most important part of my life. She is my baby and I love her very much," this was last week when Juanita Pieters still hoped that her baby girl was alive.

But her hopes were dashed, and her Mother’s Day was spent coming to terms with the fact that her three-year-old was murdered.

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Courtney Pieters had been missing for over a week when police discovered her tiny body in a shallow grave, not too far from her home in Elsies River on Saturday.

On Sunday afternoon police moved fast to cordon off the family home, declaring it a crime scene.

"The police went in and officially the boarder that is boarding by them his room is officially the crime scene. The dog has picked up serious evidence in the room that in fact there was something and there is a bit stench in that room," said Community Activist Roegchanda Pascoe.

Residents say they are outraged by the killing of children in the area.

"I would like to say on this mother’s day, it is the saddest thing for a mother, her child will never be a mother. We don’t want to see another Courtney. We beg of each and every person, not another Courtney," said Pascoe.