LISTEN: Musician Vusi Nova found stripped down after hijacking


Singer, Vusi Nova.



JOHANNESBURG - Musician Vusi Nova has been found stripped down to his underwear and shoes after being hijacked and kidnapped outside his house in Melville, Johannesburg. 

On Friday morning, Nova's record label confirmed the incident. 

Delphine Klassen, Nova's PA, said four men jumped out of a VW Polo and attacked Nova's car; Nova was traveling with four other people. The hijackers dragged Nova and one other band member back into the vehicle and drove off after a gun shot went off. The incident took place at 4:45am on Friday morning. 

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Nova's vehicle was seen in the Eldorado Park and Brixton area and he was  laster found in only his underwear and shoes after being stripped of all his clothes. 





Nova is a Sama-winning artist, known for his song Ndikuthandile

Nova was born in the Eastern Cape in Port elizabeth, and rose to his prominence with his critically acclaimed debut album, "Walk into the light."

* Editor's note: this is a breaking story and will be updated with more information as it becomes available.