N2 reopens following outrage over ANC candidate list


Two buses were gutted burnt by protesters on Wednesday night.

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CAPE TOWN - The N2 has been reopened following a protest near Cape Town International Airport.

Authorities are keeping a close eye on the situation.

Two buses were gutted by protesters and two people have been arrested.

Traffic on the busy highway was brought to a complete standstill.

City officials claim residents were demonstrating because they&39;re unhappy about the ANC&39;s candidate list.

"We have confirmed that it&39;s a disagreement between community members or ANC activists about the nomination of a Mr Ngcobo as the ward candidate, so there&39;s some conflict 

around that," said the City&39;s JP Smith.

"We have offered a reward for information as to the instigators because theres quite a bit of private property and government property that&39;s been damaged."

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