Nene's removal leads to a breakdown in trust: Manuel


Trevor Manuel said government should stop blaming apartheid for its actions.

JOHANNESBURG - Former Finance Minister Trevor Manuel says the decision to remove Nhlanhla Nene without warning, has led to a complete breakdown in trust.

He has written an open letter to Small Business Development minister, Lindiwe Zulu.

Last week it was reported that Zulu had accused business of wanting to topple President Jacob Zuma.

But she later claimed she had been quoted out of context.

Manuel says Nene is smart, diligent, and more than capable.

He says he can confirm this after having worked with Nene for a long time.

The former finance minister dismissed claims that Nene was destined for a top post at the New Development Bank.

He also says the breach of trust may not be the first, but perhaps the last, straw in the careless handling of a pivotal portfolio.


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