New charges laid against Patricia De Lille


CAPE TOWN Mayor Patricia De Lille

JOHANNESBURG - The DA has confirmed that it has laid bribery and corruption charges against Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille.

The charges are related to an alleged attempt by De Lille to solicit a R5-million bribe from a Vanderbijlpark businessman Anthony Foul in 2012.

It&39;s alleged De Lille sought money in exchange for her support of his company to supply fire extinguishers to Cape Town informal settlements.

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De Lille, has denied the allegetions.

She said this is just another attempt to taint her name.

"I deny and reject the reported allegations with the contempt it deserves. The timing of this latest move raises many questions such as why this man, Anthony Faul is conveniently coming forward now when the DA is charging me for other matters. Firstly, why did he go to the DA first instead of going to the police? Why did he wait almost five years to make these allegations? This seems to be the latest of a string of moves to taint my name by clutching at anything and informing the media before allegations are properly tested," she said.

"I have repeatedly asked for a fair process yet the handling of this matter and the treatment towards me are clearly attempts to sway public perception against me instead of giving me a fair opportunity to state my case and to test the allegations properly. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the concerted efforts to damage my reputation and the haste to get rid of me is reaching desperate heights each day," she said.

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