New law aims to ensure children's safety on the road


Transport Minister Dipuo Peters last week announced a reprieve for Gauteng e-toll users. The SA National Roads Agency Limited will heed call for the prosecution of non-paying e-toll users to be halted for now.

JOHANNESBURG - Using child restraints while driving will be law from 30 April 2015 and Transport Minister, Dipuo Peters,  has told parents that money should not be the object when it comes to ensuring the safety of their children.

South Africa&39;s new  child restraint law states the following, as published in the 22nd National Road Traffic Amendment on 31 October 2014 :

(6)        The driver of a motor vehicle operated on a public road shall ensure that a child seated on a seat of the motor vehicle - 

(a)        where it is available in the motor vehicle, uses an appropriate child restraint; or

(b)        if no child restraint is available, wears the seatbelt if an unoccupied seat which is fitted with a seatbelt is available.

(6A)     The driver of a motor vehicle operated on a public road shall ensure that an infant travelling in such a motor vehicle is seated on an appropriate child restraint: Provided that this provision shall not apply in a case of a minibus, midibus or bus operating for reward.

The minister urged all parents to invest in child car seats. She dismissed the idea of government subsidising the cost of these car seats.

She said, “No amount of money will be worth the life of the child. I don’t think the cost of the car seat should be the key feature of deciding whether you install (SIC) it". 

 "People actually look for sunroof, a sun roof is not a safety feature on any vehicle…and these are the things that people focus on. First, let’s think about the lives of our children then we can talk about subsidies…the choice now is to make sure your car is safe to transport (your) children."

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