NGOs dependent on donor support

Thousands of students countrywide, are homeless on campus, having to squat in an office, a library or even toilets.



JOHANNESBURG - NGOs are almost entirely dependent on donors to support their projects.

But external factors like the economic recession and policy changes by donors, can hurt funding.

An NGO in Benoni is on the brink of shutting down, after not receiving its government subsidy.

Kenneth Thlaka from the Southern African NGO Network says legislation needs to be amended to address this matter.

“In terms of organising ourselves, the process has started, we’re looking at the summit that is coming and we are saying there’s no clear funding model for NGOs in the country," said Thlaka.

"That funding model was supposed to be one of the steps that were taken way back, but unfortunately we couldn’t come with a clear funding model for the NGO sector in the country.

"That’s why we are saying we need to relook into the Act."