No action taken against Tongaat developer

DURBAN - No action has yet been taken against controversial Durban businessman Jay Singh, although he&39;s being blamed for the collapse of the Tongaat Mall construction site.
Police have opened a case of culpable homicide following the death of one person in the accident on Tuesday, and while Singh hasn&39;t been charged, he could face the wrath of the eThekwini Municipality which has had enough of his dodgy dealings.
Police say it could take months and possibly even years before anyone is charged in connection with the Tongaat mall collapse.
They must first wait for the Labour Department to finish its investigation, before they can complete theirs. But ultimately it&39;ll be up to the NPA to decide whether anyone should be prosecuted at all.
The city of eThekwini wants to get a contempt of court order against Singh and his partners. This will include a request to completely demolish the construction site.
"We don&39;t think that he got any favourable treatment. I think he&39;s a delinquent developer and that&39;s why today we would want to and get him blacklisted. We will go and present the evidence to the committee that sits and deals with this matter and whether he has connections in high places or not the fact of the matter is he&39;s violated municipal by laws and he&39;s violated the laws of the country and I think action must be taken against him," said Municipal Speaker Logie Naidoo.
The blacklisting will extend to any other companies linked or associated with him, and parliament has also weighed in on the matter.

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