Noakes faces HPCSA over Banting tweet


Professor Tim Noakes laughs during a keynote address at the University of Johannesburg on October 22. He mockingly described his Mampara of the Week Award as the most important accolade of his career.

CAPE TOWN - The first day of a two-day Health Professions Council South Africa (HPCSA) hearing into the professional conduct of sports science expert Tim Noakes is under way in Cape Town.

The hearing looks into a complaint about Noakes allegedly giving dietary advice on social media.

The Association for Dietetics in SA laid the complaint with the health council.

It&39;s accusing Noakes of unprofessional conduct after he suggested a mother wean her baby with a low carb, high fat diet, via Twitter.

If found guilty, the medical doctor and  UCT professor faces losing his right to practise.

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