Camps Bay murder trial awaits cellphone data


Guatemalan playboy Diego Novella is accused of murdering his American girlfriend, Gabriella Kabrins, at an upmarket Cape Town hotel. It was an emotional day is court as his bail was denied. PICTURED: Diego Novella

CAPE TOWN - The cellphone of Guatemalan murder accused, Diego Novella, could contain crucial evidence.

Police are working with international experts to extract the data but they say they need more time, and the case has again been postponed.

Novella is accused of murdering his American girlfriend, Gabriella Alban, at a luxury Camps Bay hotel last year.

The state believes his cellphone records could show the murder was pre-meditated; after battling to access Novella&39;s iPhone, police are getting help from experts in the United States and Israel.

The state says it&39;ll take another three to four weeks to extract the information it needs, and they have again asked for a postponement.

Novella&39;s lawyer, William Booth believes the delays are unreasonable.

Booth said, "My client is being held at the hospital section in Pollsmoor prison, but he is still in custody. There is unnecessary delay in this matter. So we will certainly be strongly arguing that this investigation must be concluded so that the trial can be set down as soon as possible."

The magistrate ruled in the State&39;s favour and the case has been postponed to 20 July.


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