Mantsoe confessed to murdering Mokoena to sever blood-tie: NPA


Johannesburg, 17 My 2017 - Karabo Mokoena had just healed from a vicious beating when she was murdered. Her loved ones remembered her on Wednesday.

JOHANNESBURG - The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) says Sandile Mantsoe confessed to a police officer and revealed a dark motive for killing his ex-girlfriend, Karabo Mokoena.

According to the State, Mantsoe said he killed Mokoena, in a ritual murder to break a jinx on his failing business.

Mantsoe appeared before the Johannesburg Magistrates Court on Friday.

In a social media video from 20 August 2016, the murder-accused is seen  saying, “I realise that not everyone in the market is making money. People are losing big, big, big money.” 

The NPA says Mantsoe confessed he and Mokoena had mixed their blood, and therefore had a blood tie that left him jinxed after they broke up.

He allegedly told a police officer he had to sever this blood tie by killing the young woman.

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Mantsoe denies ever confessing to the murder, and instead claims Mokoena was jealous, abusive and suicidal. He says he found her dead in his flat, and has no idea how she died.

He says he panicked when he discovered her body and instead of calling for help, proceeded to burn and dump her remains because she had told friends and family of the abuse.

Prosecutors say it's unclear if the young woman was alive at the time she was necklaced and incinerated with petrol and pool acid.

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In the last days of her life Mokoena opened up to loved ones about the severe beatings she said she suffered at the hands of Mantsoe, the last of which had seen her hospitalised.

Mokeona’s friends and family vehemently deny that she was suicidal. They point to the fact that she had just started an NGO to assist abused women and children, and was determined that her life would matter.

Mantsoe is due back in court on Friday.