The oldest timer

He could be the oldest person in the world. With seven children, 23 grandchildren, and 30 great-grandchildren, Nchaupe Mahlong is 123 years old.

Born in 1890, he doesn&39;t have a birth certificate and may never make it into the Guinness Book of World Records.?But this is one old-timer who can’t get enough of life.

He says: “I never smoked or drank alcohol. I’ve always respected my parents and others around me…Amen.”

Mahlong believes it&39;s given him an advantage. “ When I was a boy, my friends and I played a wishing game. I always wished to live longer.” After devoting a large part of his life to the church, he spotted the girl of his dreams.

“I love my wife backwards and forwards, since the day we married, I’ve never fought with her. Amen!" 60 years down the line, they&39;re still happily married. Last week eNCA brought you the story of Gogo Mazibuko, a Klerksdorp woman who&39;s 119 years old.

The Guinness Book of World Records lists the oldest person alive as a Japanese man, at 116. It&39;s an accolade Mazibuko and Mahlong are unlikely to receive. The issuing of birth certificates wasn’t compulsory in South Africa in the late 1800&39;s.

But Mahlong doesn’t care.